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We have a recommended pricelist!
You decide what your experience was worth! This means that everybody can go kayaking regardless of economic situation. Our recommended pricelist is just a help to know about how much you could give so that the business will be sustainable.

• You pay what you think the experience was worth, if nothing else is said.
• You can only make one booking at a time with a maximum of 6 kayaks, for 2 days. If the booking exceeds these criteria’s we have the right to use our ordinary pricelist.
• Gift certificates are paid according to our regular prices.
Se our Terms here.

CALENDAR 2018: See pdf

-------JUNE 2018-------
17 Kayak & Gong 11-16
19-20 Course 17-20
30 Daytour 13-16
-------JULY 2018-------
1 Kayak Yoga Gong 11-17
3-4 Course 17-20
5 Kayak Yoga Gong 14-20
17-18 Course 17-20
21 Daytour 13-16
28 Daytour 10-16
29 Kayak Yoga Gong 11-17
-------AUGUSTI 2018-------
3-5 Mindfull Tenttour
12 Kayak Yoga Gong 13-18