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Co-Creation Partners

Havets Källa Konferens och Camping

Havets Källa
Lovely Conference & Camping with a Restaurant, Spa, Yogastudio, Sauna and lots of other activities. Right at the Beach surrounded by beautiful Nature.

Yoga Livsenergi

Yogacenter Livsenergi
Run by the experienced Kundalini Yogateacher Helén Gryth.

To find your self you don't have to travel far.
Just stop and listen to your breath your bodily sensations and feel what is happening on the inside…


Amrit Kundaliniyoga studio

Amrit Kundaliniyogastudio
Yogastudio in Nyköping run by Jessica Amrit Eklöf. Jessica also arrange creative events with painting and ayourvedic cooking.

Toghether we will create a Yoga retreat in the summer with lots of lovely Yoga and beautiful food.


Dagsås Yoga Mangalam

Dagsås Yoga Mangalam
You can find this Jevel South of Varberg, where you can attend a fantastic Kundalini Yoga teacher training, become a Sama Yoga teacher a Sexabiliti coach or a Cranio Sacral healer.